Crodino’s authenticity starts in Italy in 1965 when a local entrepreneur partnered with an expert herbalist and flavorist with the idea of creating a new non-alcoholic drink. Together, they explored and tested new flavour combinations, before finally conquering a recipe of high-quality herbs, spices, woods and roots that were sourced from all over the world. This remains the Crodino as we know it today; surprisingly rich in taste with a unique bittersweetness. This aromatic bitterness, accompanied with the warm and lightly sparkling nature of the liquid saw Crodino effortlessly elevate the Aperitivo occasion in Italian culture, and go on to gain popularity overseas with this stylish ‘Rituale Italiano’. The time-honoured recipe of Crodino remains unaltered over 50 years later and continues to embrace culturally infused experiences that feel upbeat, easy going and inclusive. Today, Crodino is available as Crodino; with warming orange hues and a distinctly bittersweet taste, and as Crodino Arancia Rosso; a bright red colour with pomegranate reflections, offering a fresh blood orange flavour on the signature Crodino spice and bitterness.