Crodino: the Italian Non-Alcoholic Spritz

Fancy an authentic Italian ritual at aperitif time? Fill your glass with sparkling Crodino, the non-alcoholic aperitif with a pleasant refreshing taste.


Our original non-alcoholic Italian spritz recipe, first created in 1965. A blend of botanicals is left to infuse for 6 months, to give it that distinctive spicy and bittersweet taste. Crodino effervescence mirrors the spirit of a sunny day, making it a delightful choice with a refreshing taste for any occasion.

Crodino history

Since 1965, a sip of italian sunset.

It has been an Italian classic since the day it was created in 1965, and Crodino’s recipe has never changed. Here’s our story.

Our story

How to drink Crodino

4 steps for the perfect aperitivo.

Discover more about how to drink Crodino and the best way to enjoy its unique taste whatever the situation.

How to drink

How is Crodino made

It takes time to create such a classic, non-alcoholic aperitif. Discover more about Crodino’s recipe, and how long we let the botanical flavours infuse to make it so special.

How it's made
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