Crodino's History and Origins

Crodino was first created In Italy way back in 1965, and the recipe has never changed. Created with a unique bittersweet taste as the perfect drink for those who want an adult aperitive that’s non-alcoholic. It’s now an Italian classic, and its popularity is growing all over the world.

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Italy is our home. The world is where we live.

Crodino was conceived in 1965. Its creation came in an historic moment when, different liquorists and entrepreneurs in Italy were searching for non-alcoholic, or low alcohol drinks, as consumers were asking more and more for this kind of product: a trend that is currently repeating itself, with consumers ever more interested in low, or no alcohol propositions. That’s why Crodino has become a part of the Italian culture and is loved even outside Italy. And nowadays, more and more people want to enjoy Crodino and its unique taste: Crodino is now available in new countries with its unmistakable flavour and its original recipe.


Original recipe, New frontiers.

In 1995, Crodino was acquired by Campari Group, a major player in the global spirits industry. Since then, Crodino has been loved by the consumers in the Italian market and began to travel outside its borders, but the original recipe remains unaltered since its conception.


The italian aperitivo is spreading everywhere

The unique taste of Crodino is now in more countries around the world than ever, but it still has the authentic original recipe at its heart. People all over the world are enjoying the beauty of Crodino’s refreshing taste and herbaceous flavours, so whether you are in a stunning Italian Piazza, a bustling city or simply relaxing at home, make sure to experience a Crodino and indulge in the taste of Italy!

How it’s made

Crafting a timeless, non-alcoholic Italian aperitivo like Crodino requires time and attention to detail. Explore the recipe further and discover the extensive infusion period we dedicate to the botanical flavors, which imparts the distinctively rich and complex taste that makes Crodino so special.

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Crodino Non-alcoholic spritz

Our original non-alcoholic Italian aperitivo recipe, first created in 1965.

Crodino Rosso

Our original non-alcoholic Italian aperitivo recipe, first created in 1965.

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