Crodino Non-Alcoholic Spritz

A non-alcoholic aperitif with a unique, bittersweet flavour, sparkling and golden, it’s the perfect drink to sip as the sun goes down.

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The iconic Italian ritual

If you’d like something different, try Crodino, the non-alcoholic Italian aperitif with a refreshingly intriguing taste. It’s been a part of the Italian lifestyle since the sixties, to be sipped at that time when late afternoon melts into evening. Crodino is a rich infusion of high-quality spices, woods, roots and herbs. It’s full of complex flavours, with a lingering, sparkling bittersweetness.

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Crodino non-alcoholic spritz: share the authentic Italian experience

An authentic classic, with a modern twist. Share it with friends, old and new. Bottle Sizes: 17,5cl.

Crodino Tasting Notes


Lingering orange and fruity notes, brightly spiced with herbal hints.


Blond, deeply yellow with glints of orange.


Sparkling, with an unmistakably unique taste. Opens with citrus and distinctive orange notes, leading to an intriguing bitter sweetness, layered with complex spice.


A sophisticated and surprising finish of citrus spiciness, with herbal and woody undertones.

How to pair

There is no right way, so whether you pair Crodino with delicate appetisers or a simple meal, the bittersweet taste will be equally memorable. Try it in your own way.

How Crodino is made

Crafting a timeless, non-alcoholic Italian aperitif like Crodino takes patience and precision. Delve deeper into the Crodino recipe and learn about the meticulous process of infusing botanical flavours that makes it truly exceptional.

Crodino Rosso

A refreshing change from our original Crodino drink, with the vibrant taste of blood orange.

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