What is the Italian Aperitivo

Enjoying an aperitivo is a cultural ritual in Italy. It’s a way to celebrate that moment when the working day comes to an end and it’s time to relax with friends, sipping something refined and delicious.

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An Italian Ritual

“Aperitivo” is that moment of the day when the sun sets, and you just chill out with some positive energy and your favourite people. You can enjoy an aperitivo in your bar of choice or at home, wherever you feel most relaxed. In the end, it’s a great occasion to see your friends or meet new people, to have a laugh or just listen to some music. A non-alcoholic aperitivo has no rules!

Relax and enjoy Crodino

Pour a Crodino and enjoy. With friends, by yourself or with whoever you want; each sip is a special moment of freedom, whether you are at home or not.

The Aperitivo with Crodino

Enjoy the company of your friends, the warm sun rays on your face and the multilayered taste of a great non-alcoholic Italian aperitivo. What’s better than that?

Crodino non-alcoholic spritz

Our original non-alcoholic Italian aperitivo, first created in 1965 and never changed.

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